The Beginning

Oh Happy Day!  The day I opened the shop was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  I knew everything!  No one could tell me how to run my business, I already knew every detail of how I wanted to change what I already had and evolve into what I wanted to be.......BOY WAS I NAIVE!  Here is how you learn to run a business.   Clients, Reps, Other Retailers and Most importantly SOCIAL Media!  Clients inform you what they would love to see on your shelves, Reps help you to understand how the business works, other retailers (if they are kind) help to keep you in the know of what they carry so you don't overlap and finally social media will give you ideas of what to carry and how to display.

So the lesson here is be open!  It's important to realize that your surroundings and environment can help you grow your business.  It's your job to pay attention.